Murray River Tours

If you have not gone on any of Murray River tours, you really haven’t gone on real boat trips. There are so many reasons you should book a reservation for at least one of Murray River tours. The operator of Murray River tours usually makes room for up to 10 participants per group. So, you can book a reservation for you and your family or you and your employees. Nothing can be more bonding than pleasure tours.

If you enjoy hanging in a serene and tranquil environment, you will definitely enjoy all the Murray River tours. This is because the river is smooth and always tranquil. Some highly experienced life guards are involved in every trip. Even at that, the tour boat is always stocked with numerous life jackets.

Murray River tours

There are three categories of trips. You can go for short cruises, delightful day cruises, and the best of them all, custom designed cruises. Custom designed cruises allow guests to design their own trips.

Some short cruises

1. Broken Cliffs Cruise

This is an interesting short cruise that takes guests past houseboat marina, several limestone cliffs, and wildlife. In addition, it also offers a stunning landscape. The cruise spans approximately 3 hours and its cost starts from AUD $90.

2. Sunset Cruise

As its name implies, this cruise begins at sunset. It is very pleasurable to watch the sun set while you are on board. This will give you the opportunity to take snapshots of the mirror images of Waikerie Cliffs on the river. There are bars where you can get your favorite drinks. The duration of this cruise is approximately 2 hours and it starts from AUD $60.

Delightful day cruises

1. Banrock Station Cruise

This cruise offers morning and afternoon trips. Both trips offer virtually offer the same features. The difference lies in their timing. It takes guests to Banrock Station. You will also enjoy local wines and sumptuous meals. The duration of the cruise is approximately 8 hours and it starts from AUD $135.

2. Caudo’s Wine and Dine Cruise

Like the Banrock Station cruise, this one also offers both morning and afternoon trips. Guests will arrive at the famous Caudo Vineyard to enjoy BBQ Grill and Sangria. The duration of each of the trips is approximately 8 hours and it starts form AUD $125.

3. Overland Corner Cruise

Like the others, this cruise offers both morning and afternoon trips. It takes guests to Overland Corner Hotel where they will enjoy local wines and great meals. The duration of the trip is about 8 hours and it starts from AUD $145

4. Lunch at the Lock Cruise

This cruise takes guests to Lock 2 where they will have a lunch before they cruise back to Waikerie riverfront. The duration of this cruise is approximately 6 hours and it starts from AUD $155.

Design Your Own Cruise

This is the most interesting cruise because of lack of restrictions. You can design how you want your cruise. This includes stopping at a bank to swim or fish. It starts from AUD $250.

In conclusion, it is important to let you know that two of the short cruises were left out. So, there are four short but interesting and fascinating cruises in all.